Got a bunch of skin care samples from Sephora so I can continue my quest to look like a baby vampire forever.

What I've Learned from Two Years Collecting Data on Police Killings




a comment on the article:

past year, 33 police officers were killed by firearms, where as the amount of “justifiable homicides” by police is over 300. In Seattle in 2012, 20% of the homicides in the entire city that year were committed by police officers. That’s fucked and that’s institutional.

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My makeup is pretty alright today 💖

My makeup is pretty alright today 💖

A post for men about creepy men


I wrote a post a while back about how some people are very good at getting away with doing intentionally creepy things by passing themselves off as just ~awkward~.

Recently, I noticed a particular pattern that plays out. While creeps can be any gender, there’s a…

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Me me want a new leather jacket this fall/winter but all the ones I love are $$$